What’s In A Name? In the Case of Shopper Marketing, Perhaps A Lot

ANA Magazine takes a look at Shopper Marketing and sat down with Integer’s John Kiker to discuss its evolution.

“At the end of the day, in almost any industry, it’s all about brand/product, retail/channel, and shopper/consumer. However, with seismic shifts to the ways exchange products and services are exchanged, we need to reexamine how we describe this process to best reflect these changes and to extract the maximum organizational impact and value.

The goal is to drive growth via retail, e-commerce, m-commerce, direct-to-consumer, or any method of commerce, regardless of whether your business is shoes, banking, gasoline, mattresses, fitness-as-a-service, or staplers.

In looking across the landscape, we see a number of organizations and agencies have begun to adopt similar thinking. For example, John Kiker, SVP and director of client leadership and business development of The Integer Group, recently commented, “Branding ourselves as a commerce agency put a finer point on the role we’ve played for our clients over many years. We sit with our clients in closest proximity to the sale, and our job is to create experiences that accelerate transaction. With the multitude of new physical and virtual places and spaces available for brands to create commerce experiences, it was natural for us to widen our aperture from a shopper marketing agency to a commerce agency.”

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