The Secret to C-Suite Centricity

Integer’s Dennis Wakabayashi discussed The Secret to C-Suite Centricity as a featured guest on Voices of CX, a podcast that brings listeners the very best thought leaders and practitioners of customer experience and its overlapping verticals including marketing, analytics, behavior economics, journey mapping and design.

“The first thing we do with any client is… commerce alignment mapping … We bring in the C-Suite stakeholders across [an] organization from accounting and finance, technology, operations, marketing, and their teams. [We] align around a central view of the customer, [aligning] all of these teams around the idea of the customer and the customer expectations. And then we educate those teams throughout the year based on seasonality or the market conditions, about these customers, the experiences they crave, what they’re talking about on social, how they like to engage, what the trends are, what’s culturally relevant to them and their geographies or in their segments of the business. And we bring these stakeholders together so that when they plan, the logistics and the operations work hand in hand with the advertising and marketing.

Listen to the full podcast here.