Q&A with Simone De Martini of Integer\Italy

Integer Italy CEO Simone DeMartini shares insights with ADC Group on how the agency has adapted in response to current events.

“The [current] situation is in continuous and very fast evolution. Not only consumers are learning more and more to use e-commerce, but also retailers, including small neighborhood shops. The whole chain is moving more and more with direct bookings and the market is changing at an exceptional speed. Our know-how in e-commerce is giving us new opportunities. We are comparing what is happening here with the other countries in our network to build products capable of satisfying the demands of a market that is evolving at unexpected speed. We recently launched an “adaptive retail” service; it is an agile consultancy for physical and digital distribution. We are able to offer go-to-market optimization strategies with the aim of improving sales, and performance marketing on DTC, social commerce and eRetail models.”

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