OmniShopper 2017: The Art of Boo’ing

The Integer Group’s Matt Silvestri and Mars Chocolate North America’s Shopper Marketing Team Lead, Walmart Inc. Allisha Watkins presented The Art of Boo’ing: Commercializing a Cultural Trend for The Masses at OmniShopper 2017.

“Let the Boo’ing Begin” became a monstrously successful integrated program that drove candy sales and engagement, on and offline. As a result of the campaign, Mars/Wrigley had record-breaking sales at Walmart, and Walmart had their best Halloween sales in history.

Integer and Mars Chocolate discussed how to create an authentic seasonal program that cuts through the usual in-store noise and provides a true solution and inspiration to shoppers; how to build, not draft, a trend through the power of the world’s largest retailer and largest candy manufacturer; and how to partner with retailers to create repeatable events for key seasons which shoppers can depend on for solutions and retailers can depend on for sales.