Mobilizing existing technologies to allow for contactless commerce

Integer’s EVP of Strategy and Innovation, Scott Hauman, was interviewed by Globe Street on how retailers will mobilize existing technologies to allow for contactless commerce in-store, helping to ensure consumers feel safe.

“Spatial sensors is another technology that can be redeployed to promote social distancing in retail stores,” says Scott Hauman, EVP of strategy and innovation for The Integer Group, a commerce agency and a member of Omnicom Group.  He points to retail solutions provider, which has developed an app that notifies on-site teams when the number of people in a store or in a public place exceeds a preset threshold. A single sensor for the app can cover an area of up to 30,000 square feet, he notes.  And as an added bonus, Hauman reports that besides spatial compliance, the app also provides valuable marketing data and advanced analytics such as real time and historical foot traffic counts, cumulative impressions, dwell times, recurrent visits and peak hours.”

Read the article on Globe Street here.