‘It’s going to be like the Apple store’: How beauty retailers are rethinking product engagement

The big question in beauty is: How will people engage with products?

Integer’s EVP, Executive Creative Director Dani Coplen spoke to Glossy about the future of beauty brands and retailers.

Retailers and brands could be looking at a scenario where these virtual experiences complement or enhance the traditional in-store makeover or the product testing process with estheticians, said Dani Coplen, evp and executive creative director of The Integer Group, which currently works with clients like Coty and Sally Hansen.

“The interaction will be there, it will just be a no-touch interaction,” said Coplen. “So we’re talking about things like guided self-application, where a makeup artist is still there and present, whether that’s in-person or through a video tutorial or a chat room interaction. They can still guide self-application and give you the tricks of the trade, but you’ll likely be doing it yourself.”

Coplen said Integer is encouraging its clients to think about how technology can also be harnessed to personalize product sampling and lower the online purchasing barrier for customers.

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