Integer Releases 3rd Edition of “Next Normal”

As we near the one year mark of the pandemic, Integer continues to look back and forward to consider and analyze changes to the retail and commerce landscape.

In May, we documented COVID trends shaping the future of commerce in the 1st Edition of the Next Normal. Then, we quickly saw things evolve and released our 2nd Edition in August.

Entering the new year, as vaccinations roll out, we have seen significant markers of change that have prompted the release of the Next Normal Edition 3. In this edition, we further examine the edges that arose from the pandemic, and the subsequent trends that have emerged, evolved and changed how we live and shop, directly affecting shoppers, retailers and brands.

Download the Next Normal Edition 3: Examining the Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Commerce here. To explore additional thinking and POVs, visit our COVID-19 Retail Impact Hub.