How Brands Can Optimize for Seasonal Events

As we head into this year’s holiday season, how can brands better plan and optimize for seasonally-driven events and products?

In this Profitero Podcast Q&A, Nicole Vinson, group director of eCommerce at The Integer Group, provides her point of view and advice on optimizing for the seasons.

“…Brands have a really unique opportunity right now – in the early stages of Alexa –  to ensure that shoppers are getting these products into their cart and into their purchase history early on, so that when they are engaging with those devices and becoming more comfortable with them, we’re already in that purchase history, and so we’re the first product that she ends up talking about to get you to add to cart.

Shoppers are going to become a lot more comfortable with voice-activated searches and discussions with their Alexa devices. We’re going to see more and more adoption at a really rapid rate than we’ve seen with some of the other Amazon technology pieces that have come to market.”