Advertising Week: The Physical & Digital Convergence

VR and AR, the second screen phenomenon, social check-ins, and beacon technology are just the latest technologies that allow consumers to be present in multiple environments simultaneously.  And while every marketer in today’s landscape understands the importance of the digital economy, experiences of all kinds, not just digital, can catapult brand awareness, increase consideration, drive sales and foster brand loyalty for both small, entrepreneurial brands, as well as large and established ones.

As the experience economy continues to evolve in this modern world, how do we align our marketing objectives and campaigns with a new customer journey – one that exists concurrently on multiple screens and in a variety of locations, and that can be shared in an instant? 

During Advertising Week, The Integer Group along with Mars Chocolate, PepsiCo, Eventive Marketing and Cinebody discussed the strategic and logistical challenges of straddling the line between digital and physical, while detailing their best practices.