We are a creative company with over 20 years’ of global experience which specialises in Retail Environmental & Point of Purchase design. Our 3D design offering ranges from product design to large scale architectural solutions. Our philosophy is underpinned by sound strategy & design principles.

Understanding the value of interrogating & unpacking customer journeys is of key importance coupled with the overall experience of how an individual interacts & relates with a space or product



YUM Holdings Africa wanted to transform how the consumer felt & interacted with the stereotypical KFC environment in Southern Africa. The concept of ‘My best friends Kitchen’ was created to change the way the consumer interacted with the brand plus create a more familiar & genuine experience by tapping into the emotive and physical cues that lead to that sense of familiarity. The successful rollout over approx. 900 stores nationwide has been underway for the past 2 years. Based on the success of the design & concept, it is now being simultaneously adopted in numerous international regions.

Virgin Mobile

Flexibility coupled with Strong Brand communication were some of the prerequisites for Virgin Mobile’s environmental design, as it would need to be scalable from a 2m² Store in Store version to a 100m² flagship store. From an early strategy & concept design stage, a custom reconfigurable merchandising system that allowed interchangeability between brand & tried & tested retail merchandising needed to exist in order to empower both Retailer & Consumer.


MTN is one of Africa’s largest Cellular Companies with an outreach in 22 global regions. The environmental / Retail design was part of a JV global pitch which was recently awarded to TBWA. The design needed to embody sound retail strategy & principles yet remain informative & interactive not withstanding translate into numerous geographic regions & cultures.

Kozi Coffee

The brief was to create a Stand-Alone authentic African Coffee offering situated in the Dubai Mall. The challenge was to not only demarcate the area whilst remaining accessible but to combine a cosy & curated African experience without portraying too much of a ‘Themed’ African aesthetic.


The brief by the SPAR Retail Group was to create a ‘Customer-centric’ D.I.Y. Store in Urban areas with an emphasis on solution. The design needed to be scalable & incorporate digital services, tech improving customer Service & promotion in order to address e-commerce by building on customer experience.

Jones & Kent

A contemporary Men’s formal outfitter which opened its first branch in 2014 & has shown considerable growth in a challenging market. Our brief was to create a point of difference & distinct visual identity in the Men’s formal clothing sector, it needed to have both traditional aesthetic & contemporary feel. The other challenge was that it needed to fit into a 100m² footprint without feeling congested whilst maintaining the emphasis on customer service.


Sparta is Africa’s second largest Beef supplier. We were asked to create a shop in shop concept which would enable the brand to not only own the butchery section within a Grocery retailer but to also manage category, education & promotion whilst maintaining the essence of a traditional high street Butcher.

Loads of Living

Loads of Living is a premium Homeware store that due to Market constraints required a budget friendly scalable design solution which gave the retailer ultimate flexibility & control of the retail environment. We needed to execute this without being detrimental to the look & feel or translation to the consumer. Due to the nature of the merchandise, the ‘Kit-of-Parts’ concept allowed the Retailer to re-configure the store without great expense.

Chikka Chicken

International grocery group SPAR had an in house Chicken brand which they was a part of their In-store Home meal replacement section but had the ability to grow into a Stand-alone offering. It needed to appeal to a large demographic & address numerous occasions such as Home Meal replacement; Grab & Go, through to parties & events. The approach therefore had to be somewhat democratic in nature, a bold simple approach with a singular vision towards customer satisfaction. The modern day brand success stories each have a similar story to tell, focus, vision, simplicity and consistency. Unfortunately we did not have the luxury of time and legacy to have evolved our identity like all the current franchises have had but what we do have is access to what has made them iconic and what it is that currently fuels their iconic status in the minds of their customers.

McCoy's Pie

This was a luxury Pie brand developed by the SPAR group which again could exist in the Home Meal Replacement section yet exist as a stand-alone convenience offering. We needed to create an aesthetic of tradition & heritage centred around a premium offering with quality ingredients. Real heart, Real ingredients, Unreal flavour with a great layer of heritage, credibility and cool modernity to it.


A Pop-Up retail store which needed a simple & Flexible merchandising system that allowed the consumer to interact with the products with ease yet making them the ‘Hero’ at the same time.

FNB Banking Pods

A Circular ‘Kit-of-Parts’ was created for one of Africa’s largest banks for the sole purpose of communicating their complete offering in a Pop-Up environment. Each component needed to not only fit seamlessly but behave in a completely re-configurable manner allowing the client to upscale or down scale the offering based on the demographic & environment in which it existed. Due to the success of this design, permanent Flagship branches were created.

Pepsico - Frito Lay

A complete Category management solution was created for Fritolay Pepsico in the Middle Eastern region where snacking is extremely prevalent. An interchangeable Temporary & Permanent Kit of parts was created in order to empower the client & retailer allowing them to merchandise; communicate; educate; cross merchandise & promote their various products.

Point of Sale

A wide variety of Point of Purchase Units was created for all aspects of the retail environment for both Cold an Ambient sections.