Amazon and Beyond

Integer’s Digitail® practice is a suite of commerce marketing and findability solutions that establishes guideposts, directions and commerce creative to fuel the digital shopper journey in SEO, SEM, Analytics, and Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO). With more than a decade of experience working with Amazon, Walmart.com, Tesco, GPA, Carrefour and many more, Digitail’s expertise helps clients establish strategies and go-to-market plans to both win in this complex ecosystem and scale to meet the needs of the full channel.

Whether a brand is working with PurePlayers, Click-and-Mortar Retailers, Hybrids, in Amazon Seller Central, Amazon Vendor Central, or other retailers, Digitail delivers strategies to fuel findability, discoverability, and buyability at the digital shelf, growing sales and share.

Digitail works with more than 110 brands, delivers in 27 languages, and has done thousands of Amazon activations around the world.

Digital Shelf Content

  • Product Detail Page Basic Content
  • Amazon A+ Detail Pages
  • Retail SEO Strategy and Optimization
  • Amazon Vendor Central Publishing
  • eCommerce Product Detail Page Content Syndication
  • Ratings and Review Strategy
  • eCommerce Product Page Taxonomy (Parent Child Relationships)

Retail Search Engine Marketing

  • Amazon Marketing Services (SEM)
  • Retail.com SEM

Retail Advertising

  • Amazon Advertising Via Amazon Media Group
  • Retail Ad Networks
  • Data Co-Ops
  • Media & Merchandising Creative Solutions

Conversion Rate Optimization

  • Digital Shelf Analytics
  • Digital Shelf Search Optimization