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A Fake Product Launch That Helped Give Hope To Millions

Procter & Gamble®

The Power of Clean Water

For many of us, clean water is just a given. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for millions of others across the globe. Rather than trying to shock the public into action with sad images of faraway problems, P&G decided to bring the reality closer to home. How? The fake launch of “Àgua Impura” along with the headline “You would never choose this water. But many people have no choice.”

To aid with awareness, P&G partnered with EasyGo, a popular ride sharing app, and treated thirsty passengers to bottles of the same murky, brown, dangerously unfiltered liquid that passes for drinking water in far too many parts of the world. With bottle in hand, passengers were then shown a short video, learning how every P&G product they purchase translates into one day of clean water for families in need.

As a result of this campaign, P&G and its customers were able to deliver over 1.6 Million days of clean water in just one month, saving countless lives and making these regions ever stronger and more prepared for their great leap forward.


Through this campaign, we drove:

  • 3 Million views of our short video and counting
  • 30K Facebook Reactions
  • Over 13K shares
  • An ROI of $2.40 for every $1 spent, on top of the increase in social awareness to this issue