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Telling a Famous Footballer, “Don’t Quit Your Day Job.”


Snickers and Neymar

The games began when Integer Brazil drafted Neymar, a Brazilian native and one of the world’s most-famous footballers, to help increase SNICKERS® brand awareness across Brazil. The campaign kicked off with Neymar posting a video to his Facebook page declaring that he had decided to launch a new career as a singer, and to stay tuned for his debut. The fans were in shock, and millions tweeted with #NeyMusico while anxiously awaiting his very first song.

And oh boy was it bad. So bad, in fact, that after garnering more than 12 Million views, fellow singer and superstar, Wesley Safadão, filmed a video response saying that Neymar was acting like a diva, and was not himself when he was hungry.

The singer offered him a SNICKERS®, and the whole thing was exposed as one giant joke. And the fans? They Ate. It. Up. One lucky snickers-eater even won an all-expenses-paid trip to meet Neymar in Barcelona.


”Don’t quit your day job” drove:

  • Brand growth of +44%*
  • Record market share highs in Brazil*
  • 383 articles about the topic
  • Over 15 Million views and counting
  • $1.5 Million in earned media


*SOURCE: Nielsen Enhancement T. BRAZIL