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Discovering The Healing Power of PLAY-DOH


Panadol and Play-Doh

Winter is more than just cold… it’s cold season! And that means A LOT of time indoors. Time that’s so boring, it’s almost worse than being sick in the first place. Fortunately, Panadol–a children’s ache, pain and fever reducer–decided they could help cure that problem as well.

By partnering with PLAY-DOH, we crafted a promotion that let each Panadol-carrying pharmacy give away a free pack of PLAY-DOH every week, giving kids something enjoyable to help pass the time. But the fun didn’t stop there. Instead, Panadol created their own cheeky, PLAY-DOH penguin named Pete.

And boy was Pete a hit! Starring in his own online mini-series, Pete enjoyed all types of shenanigans. The buzz? Mums and their kids loved him! And before long, shoppers were flocking in-store to stock up on Panadol. Only this time, they got to do it with less sniffle and a lot more smile.


Over eight weeks, Penguin Pete drove:

  • 30,774 Click Throughs (the most ever for our client)
  • 5,431,702 Impressions (ditto)
  • A 35% increase in display compliance over average campaigns
  • Happier, Healthier Kids