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How We Won the NCAA Tournament with a Ping Pong Ball


Flavor Slam

Other agencies secured NCAA sponsorships, spent big money on production, and bought overwhelming media. Us? We schooled the competition by hiring former high school basketball players to shoot Ping Pong balls at a Pringles can.

FACT: March Madness gets 180 million viewers, with nearly 20% of shoppers throwing parties.

With this in mind, we hired trick-shot artists Dude Perfect to show off our new basketball-style game. With a Pringles can, a branded backboard, and a Ping-Pong ball, we got the Dudes—and millions of shoppers—excited about Pringles during March Madness. Shoppers flocked to Walmart stores to grab Pringles and backboards, sending sales skyrocketing and inspiring thousands to make and share videos of their own. We officially sparked a cultural phenomenon that brought Pringles into the excitement of March Madness. Not bad for some trick-shot shenanigans in the burbs.


By the tournament finals, we had:

  • 141,600,000+ impressions
  • 10% lift in sales
  • ROI of $11.60 for every $1 spent

And to this day, shoppers are still trying to outdo the “dudes.” More and more videos are tagged #FlavorSlam every day, and our original video even recently topped 180 million. Look familiar? That’s the same number as the total amount of March Madness viewers. Boom!