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Creating Social Conversion for Corelle


Corelle Always-on Social

While most Millennials know the Corelle brand, they don’t see it as a “brand for them.” We set out to change the way Millennials see, think and feel about Corelle by showing them how the brand can connect to their style-forward needs.

We re-introduced the brand with social media posts designed to convert these skeptical but stylish Millennials. Our team optimized the creative to increase click-through and time spent on the Corelle website, with a particular focus on product pages. To amplify our message, we used paid media and retargeting. By prioritizing previously seen designs and high-performing creative, we were able to make an impressive splash with our target audience and change Millennial minds about Corelle.

- 7.5% AD recall lift
- 137% increase in click-through rates
- 4.7:1 return on ad spend
- 199% increase in website traffic from social sources