Mars/Wrigley Snickers Big Mood Gifting

Mars/Wrigley Snickers Big Mood Gifting


Setting the moods

Give gifts, not GIFS


With Walmart Snickers sales declining, we needed to bring the Snickers’ brand equity of satisfaction to life for shoppers under 35 in a way that made the brand once again memorable to a younger audience, driving traffic into Walmart, and increasing sales of Snickers bars.


Online people share all the feels. In fact, #Mood is used 1.2x a second. That’s +105,000 posts every day. To own #Mood moments, Snickers needed a new way to express them. Say hello to Big Mood Gifting. We created six moods to send with a Snickers, with help from Youtuber Caleon Fox. Our moods were everywhere on social, displays, online and even a chatbot. Leveraging #Mood, transformed online conversations into satisfying celebrations and sales.

Commerce-driving results

A seamless digital commerce experience drove 37.1 million impressions and boosted Snickers sales +7.4% resulting in an ROI of 5.61.