Panadol and Play-Doh

Panadol and Play-Doh


Sparking Imagination

Curing boredom


Winter is more than just cold, it’s Cold Season! And that means a lot of time for kids indoors. Panadol, a children’s ache, pain and fever reducer, was challenged to cure not only winter colds, but also boredom.


We partnered with PLAY-DOH to craft a promotion which allowed pharmacies to give away a 4-pack of PLAY-DOH every week—giving Mom a reason to buy Panadol. But the fun didn’t stop there. Panadol created their own cheeky, PLAY-DOH penguin named Pete who starred in a Facebook mini-series that ran for 6 weeks throughout the winter. In addition to bringing smiles to Mom and her kids, the series offered a Sweepstakes where Mom could enter to win free PLAY-DOH for a year.

Commerce-driving results

30,774 click throughs (the most ever for our client)

5,431,702 Impressions (ditto)

35% increase in display compliance over average campaigns