NTTA TollTag

NTTA TollTag


Driving growth

How puppets humanized a brand


The North Texas Tollway Authority has an extensive, cashless toll road system in North Texas. They wanted to encourage all Dallas/Fort Worth drivers to save money on tolls by signing up for a TollTag.


People don’t always trust brands, especially when the brand is owned by a government agency. Who do people trust? Their friends. But since we couldn’t get everyone’s friend to tell them to personally get a TollTag, we created brand ambassadors who felt like everyone’s friend to deliver the message for us.  Those friendly new ambassadors? Puppets — who told everyone about saving money with a TollTag in a way that would make them stop, smile and, well, get a TollTag.

Commerce-driving results

A COVID-reduced 5-week media flight delivered 28MM Impressions and showed that a strong brand idea can even grow a government agency.

10,000 new TollTags

150% signup increase over plan