Mars Wrigley Boo’ing

Mars Wrigley Boo’ing

Mars Wrigley

Sweet Growth

Getting the jump on Halloween


Halloween is the most important time of year for chocolate and confections, but the bulk of Halloween candy sales are last-minute purchases. We needed to find a way to drive incremental growth for candy earlier in the season.


Give shoppers a fun reason to change their buying habits. We leveraged an emerging Halloween occasion and community-building trend: Boo’ing – the act of neighbors secretly leaving bags of Halloween treats on each other’s doorsteps. Print, Social, and Walmart media brought the program to life, connecting with Walmart shoppers earlier in the season. Not only encouraging pre-Halloween shopping, but ultimately increasing sales, too.

Commerce-driving results

13.4% sales increase for Wrigley fruity confection vs YAG.
8.9% sales increase for Mars Chocolates vs YAG.