Girls Inc: Pretty

Girls Inc: Pretty

Girls Inc.

Pretty Smart

Growing confidence


Social media teaches girls that “selfie likes” equal self-worth. Girls Inc. helps girls grow up to be strong, smart, and bold by driving policies and practices that open doors and ensure equality. We needed to help a broader audience understand why Girls Inc. is so important. 


To help prevent the snowball effect of low self-worth and risky behaviors that happens in teen girls, we started the conversation earlier in childhood. Pretty—a picture book that uses a small twist in language to make a big shift in mindsets—redefines what “pretty” really means. In simple, memorable terms, it reminds parents and caregivers to recognize and acknowledge the pretty amazing qualities in the girls around them, rather than inadvertently focusing on physical attributes alone.

Commerce-driving results

In one month, climbed over halfway up the children’s book category and scored 100% 5-star reviews

Over 1MM impressions with zero media spend

1,000 books sold in under 3 weeks

38% conversion rate on Amazon—well above the 13% average