BIC Flex

BIC Flex

Bic Flex

Grooming Confidence

Mastering growth


The Male Shaver category had become increasingly cluttered and confusing for shoppers. Talking about functional benefits was no longer enough. To maintain value share leadership and become the #1 brand in volume share, we had to drive brand awareness and break through the clutter.


We created a through-the-line campaign that didn’t just sell shavers, it sold confidence and empowered men with functional reasons to help them make the right shaving choice. To truly break through, we looked for touchpoints that would help forge emotional “we believe in you” connections. Messaging focused on the importance of the grooming process – which is all about mastering their personal look.

Commerce-driving results

Surpassed “the ask” and achieved 29.9% value share and 17.2% volume share 

4,994,044 consumers reached via Out of Home 

4,042,912 consumers reached digitally