AT&T Yung Jake

AT&T Yung Jake


Drawing Attention

Emoji-powered growth


AT&T wanted to use its newly refreshed “More For Your Thing” positioning to bring more energy to the retail space and connect with customers in a personal way.

Insight: Emojis have evolved from text message shorthand to what today is practically an alternative language.


We partnered with Yung Jake—an artist known for creating famous portraits constructed entirely through the visual language of emoji—to launch a Yung Jake “artist-in-residence” tour across Flagship stores, enabling customers to receive one-of-a-kind portraits based on their self-expression. 

We even designed an algorithm-based photography app that let customers get their very own Yung Jake-inspired portrait by selecting emojis that represented their interests. Selected emojis served as data-points that allowed AT&T to deliver personalized plans in real-time. 

Commerce-driving results

This partnership allowed AT&T to connect with fans in a meaningful way, positioning “More For Your Thing” as a true extension of their self-expression.

Hundreds of personalized portraits with millions of emojis
92% positive social sentiment