adidas Juventus

adidas Juventus

adidas Juventus

Harnessing Inspiration

Growth Through Art


Museums and stadiums were closed, due to COVID-19 restrictions. Our challenge was to find a way for fans to shop Juventus 20/21 kits that were made by adidas and inspired by art.


By collaborating with 3D artists and digital creators, WRLD.SPACE, we were able to create three inspired-by-Juventus interactive art installations on Instagram. By leveraging social and mixing art with sports, shoppers could experience these unique creations safely, as well as globally. The IG filter was launched before the Juventus vs. Cagliari series A match – the perfect time for players to connect with fans and share their creativity.

Commerce-driving results

Digital activation generated a 10% increase in sales (compared to 2019/20)

Launch video attracted more than 380k views