Embracing The Machines:
AI's Collision With Commerce

Anticipated study from The Integer Group informs what brands, retailers and marketers need to know about AI’s influence today and in the future.

The study is publishing as a four-part series of white papers.

1) AI Today

2) AI Tomorrow

3) AI and Retailers

4) AI and Socio-Economic Impact


We’re no longer asking if people will use Artificial Intelligence, but rather how it affects their decisions today and how much control consumers and shoppers will turn over to AI in the future. The Integer Group has conducted an extensive consumer and shopper study of over 3,500 respondents in the U.S., illuminating how shoppers perceive and use AI today and to what degree people will allow AI to become part of everyday shopping decisions. The study also draws implications for what brands, retailers and marketers need to know regarding AI’s influence on the commerce landscape.

The first white paper in the series is available now.


The release of the study kicked off with a teaser during an Advertising Week seminar on Artificial Intelligence -- Second Self: How E-me is influencing preference, featuring The Integer Group, Adweek, GE Lighting, Microsoft and Walmart Labs. The panel addressed what marketers, brands and retailers need to consider in regards to AI when planning future strategies.

CLICK HERE to download the teaser deck from Advertising Week.