Meet our leaders

Ellen Cook

Chief Executive Officer

I thrive when I see people having the courage to step outside of their comfort zone, stretch and grow beyond their own expectations. Knowing that our agency’s work has a meaning, and a lasting impact drives me each morning. And how do I see Integer? As a company filled with highly talented individuals that are laser-focused on continually exploring, evolving and innovating with an eye on growth. For our clients, our communities, our people.

More on Ellen:
Love to win, hate to lose.
Drives a mini.
Double tall extra hot skinny vanilla latte fan.

Gail Obaseki

Director, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

I thrive being a catalyst of change, surrounded by so many people ready to make changes. Great work that works means creative that is stunningly innovative and results-driven. But most importantly, it offers solutions incorporating diverse worldviews. Ensuring that a wider variety of humans are no longer ignored but see themselves reflected in our marketing efforts. How do I face challenges? I prepare as best I can, then whisper a short prayer and jump into the fray with both feet!

More on Gail:
Poet at heart
Sci-fi and mythology fan
Chess aficionado

Scott Hauman

Chief Innovation Officer

Question everything, all the time. Assume the role of a conspiracy theorist – this will put you on a path towards discovering and shaping innovation. Because work that works is the one that meets the aims of the crusade and captures the intent of the mission. How do I face challenges? Through thoughtful reflection, consideration and analysis of implications. I want to transform the world through commerce by helping organizations unearth hidden opportunities to positively connect, grow and make an impact.

More on Scott:
Phobia of being late.
Student of ancient religions.
German at heart.

Amy Vollet

Executive Media Director

Each day, I’m driven by the collaborative spirit of being better together. We have some amazing, diverse, talented individuals that come together to make something bigger than any individual. To me, The Growth Company means change is mandatory. To grow is to evolve into something new, different and better. I am fueled by the idea of growing with our clients, with our people and with the communities that we live in every day. The best way to face a challenge? Head on. Listen first, then put your focus on creative solutions.

More on Amy:
Full of West Texas tales.
Believes hot bath + wine = cure-all.
Loves to laugh.

Mike Sweeney


One of my favorite quotes is: “Live each day as if you’ll die tomorrow, learn each day as if you’ll live forever.” How does it apply to work? Show up, every day. Be human. Have fun. Listen. Encourage ideas and leadership from all levels. What drives me every day is our people, our clients and the brands they represent. It’s solving problems, doing great work and developing a culture that attracts both talent and clients. We run our company with a growth mindset. And if we do it well, our clients, our people and our communities will benefit.​

More on Sweeney:
Challenge embracer.
Everyday teacher and learner.
Coffee fan.​

Jeremy Pagden

Chairman Emeritus

Each day starts with a strong cup of black coffee. That and the drive to help others perform to their highest possible level. I’ve been in this industry for a long, long time, and I’ve learned to face challenges by simplifying the issues down to their very essence. Suddenly, ten problems become two. We bring that to The Growth Company, where we focus on two things: growing clients’ business, as well as growing and developing our employees (which leads to bigger gains for clients). It’s a virtuous cycle. Oh, and some parting advice: Make it beautiful.​

More on Jeremy:
America-loving immigrant.
Explorer of local flavors and customs.
Takes any chance to travel.

Dani Coplen

Executive Creative Director

Purpose is important. It fuels resilience, the most vital survival skill in advertising.I majored in Marketing. Having that business education has been the “x factor” in my creative career because I understood the “why” behind the work. When it comes to great work, It’s not creative for creative’s sake. Everything we do is created with the end in mind – driving sales of our clients’ products and brands. Some good advice for creative peeps? Be a pro. Yes, this is a creative, fun, exciting business. But drive, accountability and leadership count just as much as talent.​

More on Dani:
Next project seeker.
Stubborn with a cause.
Novelist in the making, children’s book creator.

Marc Ducnuigeen

Chief Operating Officer

How do I thrive? By knowing no two days are ever alike, that there are interesting problems to solve, and that I will be surrounded by so many people who are immensely talented and fun. It never gets old for me. At The Growth Company, we’ve built an organization that recognizes commerce is the glue that ties everything together. Along the way, I’ve built networks and products, traveled millions of miles, worked crazy hours, and loved the people and related fun at every part of the journey.​

More on Duc:
Highly competitive.
Loyal to a fault.
Legitimately enjoys air travel.

John Kiker


For me, the two most powerful words to getting to great work are “what if.” Great work is the one that is beautifully created, through intuitive commerce experiences that are demonstrably effective. ​

I believe passion and work ethic always serve you well. Creating the conditions for my people to do the best work drives me each morning. How do I grow my clients’ business? By staying present and investing my time with what’s ahead. In this new reality of constant change, we ground our mission in a shared purpose.​

More on Kiker:
Jam band aficionado.
Diehard Oklahoma Sooners fan.
Frustrated writer.

Kristin Connor

Network PR and Communications Director

I grow my community by fostering conversations, inviting new perspectives and working to create a sense of shared purpose. For me, great work that works is what gets people talking, connecting and taking action. We have the opportunity to bring many diverse ideas to our clients, which is what makes coming to work every day so exciting. A piece of advice? Start off by striving to be a jack of all trades. Something that drives me every morning? Iced coffee. Even when it’s snowing.

More on Kristin:
Award-winning photographer.
Lived in Italy, Ireland and Costa Rica.
Music blogger.

Eamon Boyle

SVP, Growth Sciences

I wake up looking for the next challenge, and how I can change the way we do business. I believe that data provides us with knowledge that helps create great work and grow commerce across the world. Great work can mean different things to different people—smart, funny, appealing—but most importantly, great work tells a story about the brand to customers. Best advice to newbies? You’re never trained for this job. So go get the technical skills, be creative in how you dig into the data, and always find a way to tell stories.

More on Eamon:
National Park enthusiast.
Home chef.
Big family man.

Jan Gittemeier

Chief Financial Officer

I thrive when helping my beloved coworkers as we achieve goals and solve problems. As an Integerite since year one, I’ve taught countless teammates to always view solutions through a filter of integrity and authenticity. What does The Growth Company mean to me? A company focused on the growth of our clients and our employees, both financially and as an industry and community leader. I’m proud to be part of an agency that encourages curiosity and demands integrity, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

More on Jan:
Inspired by excellence.
Loves the Integer family.
Boomer Sooner.

Jim McKinnis

Executive Creative Director

Helping others thrive is what drives me. That, and always asking “What if?” It’s an attitude that leads to Great Work That Works. What’s that mean? GREAT WORK THAT WORKS IS ALWAYS CREATIVE, CLEVER AND INNOVATIVE. BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY, WORK THAT DRIVES RESULTS. Throughout my journey, I’ve always tried to have purpose and to keep learning. From brand to shopper to CRM to data to social and now to commerce — it’s the evolution of shopper and brand that allows me to draw upon all of that learning to help change the world every day.

More on Jim:
Introvert who’s learned to fake it
Big foodie/wine guy
Voracious reader