MediaPost: Snickers Brings ‘Hungerithm’ to the U.S.

Snickers is bringing a version of its algorithm-driven “Hungerithm” promotional program to the U.S.

The algorithm checks social media posts in real time against a list of 3,000 commonly used words and phrases, including slang, to determine sentiment and capture a snapshot of how people are feeling.

It also generates prices for Snickers bars that vary according to the internet’s mood. As an extension of Snickers’s “You’re Not You When You’re Hungry” umbrella campaign, the program offers bigger price discounts when the mood is negative (e.g. “irritable” or “fuming”) than when it’s positive or “mellow.”

The Hungerithm was developed by Clemenger BBDO Melbourne, BBDO New York and The Integer Group.

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